Gabriel Lincoln do Nascimento

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Gabriel is a Psychologist at OpenUp. An experienced psychologist with a passion for helping individuals thrive. With four years of expertise in clinical psychology, Gabriel has been transforming lives through his compassionate 1:1 sessions and thought-provoking topic-focused discussion groups.

Clients immediately feel at ease with Gabriel, who creates a warm and accepting environment where emotions are embraced without judgment. Laughter and tears are celebrated here, as every feeling has a place in your journey of growth.

As your psychologist, Gabriel supports you navigating life’s complexities, empowering you to recognise your strengths and break through obstacles. His dynamic therapeutic style fosters positive change, ensuring that you feel supported and empowered throughout your journey.

Got some self-confidence blues? Struggling with self-image? Social situations making you a little anxious? Let’s find out what helps you deal better with it and improve what you want to improve. Gabriel adeptly addresses a diverse range of challenges, and during difficult times like grieving processes, he provides a compassionate shoulder to lean on and work with you recognising tools and strategies that will help you feel the emotions that need to be felt without becoming overwhelmed.

Gabriel’s approach is grounded in psychodynamic principles, and he artfully integrates other evidence-based therapies. His versatility ensures that your experience with these sessions is both effective and personally meaningful.

Beyond his role as a psychologist, Gabriel is a strong advocate for self-care. Setting a positive example by maintaining healthy boundaries and devoting time to his own passions, such as sports and playing the piano. Drawing from his experience, Gabriel offers invaluable tips to promote your own mental well-being, including embracing emotions, setting achievable goals, and engaging in activities that nurture your soul.

Gabriel will be happy to be your trusted partner on the path to personal growth and emotional resilience — or to really just have a chat and open up!

Gabriel offers sessions in English, German and Portuguese.

"Together, we'll embrace the journey of self-acceptance, uncovering the valuable tools and strategies you already possess. By acknowledging and overcoming resistances, we'll pave the way for profound personal growth and lasting positive change."