Jamie Ding Tong Tong

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Jamie is a freelance psychologist. She is passionate about working with people. She believes that each conversation should be approached with unconditional positive regard. This means you will be completely accepted and supported as who you are. Jamie is convinced that growth and change can come easily when you can be true to yourself.

Jamie works with solution-focused method. Together you will be focused on seeking for the solution you need in a quick timeframe. This method is future-oriented, where you focus on the present to achieve future goals. She helps you to focus on your strength when you are faced with issues relating to stress, relationship or lifestyle.

Having grown up in South East Asia and later on moved to Europe, she has experienced vastly varied cultures and ways of living. This experience enables her to communicate effectively with people coming from different cultures and communities by understanding their unique needs.

Jamie finds joy in spending time with her family. She enjoys going for long walks and bike rides in the nature with them. Also, she find it therapeutic to cook and try out new recipes in the kitchen.

Jamie speaks both English and Mandarin (Chinese).

"Growth and change can come easily when you can be true to yourself."