Yemanja Göttges

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Yemanja works as a psychologist at OpenUp. Her warm and welcoming presence and her ability to deeply connect invite you to open up from a place of feeling safe, seen and valued.

Yemanja works in mental well-being since 2018 and she teaches yoga (RYT 500). Her therapeutic experience is broad. She’s treated clients with various complaints (a.o. anxiety- and mood disorders, burn-out, ADHD and trauma) using different therapeutic approaches such as positive psychology, psychodynamic therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness based therapy (MBCT), scheme therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT).

She is convinced that the knowledge and wisdom you need to navigate your situation is already within you; she is just there to guide you, with whichever approach suits the situation best, back to yourself.

Compassion, unconditional acceptance, support and confrontation characterize her therapeutic approach. She wants you to get to the root of the problem, so you can transform it. To change behavior, we often need to move through uncomfortable thoughts and feelings. Together you identify the steps needed to be taken, but only you can take them. Consistent change needs commitment.

Yemanja obtained her master’s degree in psychology at the Universiteit van Amsterdam. Part of her studies she completed abroad at the San Francisco State University.

To take care of her own mental health, she practices yoga every day.

Yemanja speaks Dutch and English.

"My aim is to guide you towards less suffering and more peace and joy."